8Bit Heroes started its mixing career in the early days of vaping history, yet its only recent that these recipes have been brought to the vaping scene. A select range of high quality flavor concentrates. The long creation process ensures that each concentrate has the right taste from the first point of mixing and several months later.

A relatively new brand from Denmark – and a series of very exciting and different flavor concentrates. There is a little of everything to suit everybodies tastebuds, ranging from creamy custards to tasteful fruits. The names are something you’re going to remember, with a humourous twist.

Candy Pow is our own in-house brand. Especially designed for DIY e-Liquid. A lot of effort has been put into choosing the right flavorings to create the best taste experience. You get a high quality product product with extra-great flavor, for the best experience.

Chufftown is an underground brand from Morten Pay. With his background as a chef in the food industry, we have managed to create some amazing and special flavors which have been tested and finely tuned. There is no compromise. Most love them, some hate them. 

FAME INHALE is a series of very complex flavors, developed and produced in Denmark. All flavoring concentrates have undergone long-term development have been thoroughly tested before they hit the market. Several of the flavors have taken more than a year to develop, from idea to finished product. The very complex and exciting flavor profiles are pampered for your tastebuds.

Mad Science Lab is a series of flavor concentrates developed by Baloo2, whos known in the danish vaping scene for creating delicious recipes for the public to use.

Unknown Originals is a tribute to a variety of people, gathered under one brand. Exciting and really fun mixes, which are certainly worth highlighting.